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    Shenzhen 's domestic complement Chain Management Co. 's predecessor complement domestic service centers , starting in August 8, 1998 , was approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Government registered professional housekeeping services ( Registration No. : 440301104121350 ) . Our main business is to provide the community with nanny , part-time , Yuesao, nursery teacher , tutor, home care , hospital escort , air conditioning, removable hood cleaning, etiquette planning , unit cleaning outsourcing , marriage agencies , real estate brokerage and other services.

Complement 's domestic adhering to the " people, and convenience , the people, Min " principle of service , after the company staff years of effort, labor departments at all levels and the mainland , trade unions , women's federations and professional schools and other types of organizations to establish a secure, stable the transmission network . Housekeeper different levels of training , from the first time out of the rural towns sister and sister to laid-off workers trained and professional school students , the quality of different bases with different training methods . The company has always been customer satisfaction as our goal , self-complementary Housekeeping 's founding date , it has established a customer tracking and management system, development up to now , the company still insists monthly telephone interviews system so that the working conditions of employees in the companies interact with customers in the case of dynamic control and management control of the problem in the bud, to communicate ideas to implement in the customer service processes.

Complement 's domestic commitment to "fill 's " brand of construction, the company "based in Shenzhen , facing the country ," the operation of vision recruit talented people , all employees have passed the qualifying examination ( with medical certificate ) , identity true ( both through local women's federations, labor and Employment Bureau, the village committee recommended sending the public security networking review ) , training of qualified ( domestic workers to do the basics , theory and practical operation ) ! From the country north and south of the complement 's domestic workers of all nationalities style Sabian every corner of the bustling metropolis , but also to show their expertise in modern front . Let 's make up housekeeping service became a prosperous community of people new consumption hot spots .
Fukuda Merlin Branch Address : Futian District, next Meilinjinmei Garden 1 , Unit 2, 205    Hongxia13560765703  teacher QQ: 597925981 红霞Hongxia teacher

Pingshan Public Lok Branch Address: Shenzhen Ping Mountain Pingshan Street No. 41, Heping Road, second floor Tel :0755 -66,604,969 Liao teacher  457120862  13332934193 13332984184

Fu Tianyi Tian Branch Address: Yi Tian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen Tel :0755- moon garden 4E teacher 911384241 13686879345 15712184845  0755-36520808 weeks ( supplement 's domestic branches in Shenzhen 's major chain stores throughout the gardens area, please come to contact )

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