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Yuesao nursery teacher training

By the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued nationwide general national "vocational qualification certificate", maternal and child health and care through the theory of knowledge and learning, teaching practical operation, professional skills training, so that students understand the prenatal and postpartum women infant development and growth of the basic features of the law, familiar with the month of meals, high-end month of life care and infant care, life, health and care of basic knowledge, master care, education and skills of infants ways to help families and engaged in related work personnel to have milk infant care, nursing, and education capabilities. Training Contact: Chou 13686879345,0755-36520808, 月嫂培训咨询Yuesao training and consulting

Vocational qualification certificate training base: Yuesao nursery teacher professional training, semester 7-15 days, pick science, food, accommodation, package recommended work, wages 4500-12000 yuan, learn skills to get permits, the National Human Resources and Social Security Department authorized test centers, rolling teacher teaching classes are free to arrange a time. Examination passed by the PRC Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a national vocational qualification certificate. In the National Human Resources and Social Security Ministry official website: be investigated. Training Contact: Chou 13686879345,0755-36520808, 月嫂培训咨询Yuesao training and consulting to complement domestic chain's learn skills, get the certificate, and promote high-paying.

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Due to business development needs, especially to the country long-term recruitment of the following

I. Vacancies
Female ,16 -49 years old , handsome , healthy, well-behaved , standard Mandarin , voluntary work in domestic service , love of home economics career.
Primary 2600-3000 yuan / month Intermediate 2800-3500 yuan / month advanced 3300-4000 yuan / month
Female ,18 -49 years old, height 1.55 m above ; voluntarily engaged in domestic work and family finances , to organize and coordinate the allocation of other household members work . Understand computers , English is preferred , love housekeeping career.
Primary 3500-4500 yuan / month Intermediate 4000-5500 yuan / month advanced 5000-6500 yuan / month
Nursery teacher teachers
Female , 23-48 years old, healthy , ( Premium may work in Hong Kong walks ) ; permit homogeneous , voluntarily engaged in infant and young child feeding , nursing and domestic work , love of home economics career.
Primary 3500-4000 yuan / month Intermediate .3800-4800 yuan / month advanced 4500-5500 yuan / month
Family education
Female ,18 -49 years old, voluntary work in domestic service , secondary or college ( undergraduate ) degree or above , to counseling ( small , medium, high ) class all the subjects , master of family service skills , correct attitude , love of home economics career .
Primary 3000-4000 yuan / month Intermediate 3500-4500 yuan / month 4000-5500 yuan Senior / month
Month child care
Female ,26 -42 years old ; ( Premium walks Hong Kong may work ) , nursing , health professional priorities ; holding qualification certificate or certificate Yuesao , requiring maternity care experience and relevant work experience preferred , love housekeeping career.
Primary 4500-5800 yuan / month Intermediate 5000-6800 yuan / month advanced 5500-8800 yuan / month
Handyman cleaners kitchen workers
Female ,16- 49 years old ; hardy , healthy , raw skilled limitation , a native of limitation , the treatment is guaranteed ( calculated from wages from primary ) , love of home economics career.
Second, the candidate requirements :
1 , candidates must carry identity cards ( with a diploma or vocational qualification certificates, etc. to carry valid documents to wage classification ) ;
2 , non -communicable diseases ( such as hepatitis B , a serious gynecological diseases, tuberculosis, etc. ) and major diseases, the body no smell, no disability, no pregnancy , no bad habits ( such as alcoholism, smoking , drug use , etc. ) , no adverse behavior ( such as gambling , curse, fight , etc. ) ;
3 , I voluntarily work in domestic service , willing to submit to the company management ;
4 , candidates must accept the company of hepatitis B two pairs of semi- examination, medical clearance before induction ;
5 , candidates must be in the company of pre-job training , qualified by training before induction ;
Third, the company is committed to :
100% guaranteed job placement ( except do not meet the job requirements ) .
100% according to state regulations leave off 2-8 days a month .
100% guaranteed free accommodation .
100% guaranteed enjoy personal protection , personal accident insurance during the contract period 110,000.
100% of the company according to state regulations regular employees social security ( a sense of security , medical services , so that employees no worries ) .
Fourth, the work place :
Shenzhen City or the surrounding Pearl River Delta , the branch location other cities ( Premium may work in Hong Kong walks ) .
V. Other matters can call or interview :
Contact: Chou Liao teacher 0755-66604969 0755-36520808
Shenzhen complement Chain Management Co. 's Home Economics
This long-term effective recruitment brochure


Transport cooperation

In order to solve the rural surplus labor and urban laid-off workers employment difficulties , in order to meet the Guangdong residents around the needs for family services staff , fill in Shenzhen 's domestic chain professional nanny big market in Shenzhen , China Family Services Association member units, the credibility of the first one to ensure effective , safe and reliable service, nanny Wanted for transporting personnel across the country :
Cooperation Objective:
1 , solve wealthy mainland labor or social resettlement of idle labor and re-employment of laid-off women workers ;
2 , the establishment of a safe and reliable housekeeper output or training base.
3 , fully tap and play all kinds of schools, the school's educational strengths, broaden employment channels graduates .

Partner :
One , honest and trustworthy, hardworking dedicated, has a good reputation in the local and interpersonal circles ;
2 , local women's federations at all levels , trade unions , government, labor departments , civil affairs departments and their subordinate units ;
3, the local health institutions , teachers, preschool teachers , vocational schools ;
4 , around the formal recruitment agencies , foreign enterprises .
Transporting personnel rights and obligations :
1 , you must fill recruitment pamphlets 's domestic requirements to recruit qualified domestic workers ;
2 , responsible for providing the personal recruited by real data , including " Family Services staff recruitment Form" ( Annex I recently inch photo two ) , I am an official ID , graduation certificate, health certificate ( hospitals above the county level and liver function examination materials single laboratory ) , Floating Population proof.
3 , according to the company 's scheduling and timely communication with the company recruit staff on behalf of the situation , advance notice to the company in Shenzhen exact time ( including the number , arrival time ) , after the company agreed to be to go deep to the company ready to receive work .
4, the name of the company transporting personnel shall not recruit other types of personnel , shall be charged all sorts of excuses not to do illegal trade name of the company shall not do damage to the interests of the company . During the non- delivery personnel recruitment for all activities under this Agreement, and economic disputes , should be independent of the company .
5 , in order to maintain the company 's reputation , delivery personnel are responsible for ensuring the delivery of quality family service workers and quality , as it has in the user's home to steal , steal or irresponsible , walked out such acts , is responsible for transporting staff have a duty to assist the recovery of losses ; such as the transmission of family services personnel carriers, poor quality work or unable to fulfill their responsibilities or obligations , the company reserves the right to interrupt protocol .
6 , delivery personnel working in the transportation process all costs and disputes , and the Shenzhen complement Chain Management Co. 's domestic independent .
7 , the company will be based on delivery of service workers throughput , high labor costs covered , additional outstanding achievement awards ;
A, and my company to establish lasting working relationship in order to set up wholly-owned or joint ventures in the local attendant training and output mechanism , by the company responsible for the placement .
B, and my company to establish a fixed relationship, the use of existing school conditions, according to the company and employment plans , short-term orientation training with some expertise in domestic workers , arranged by my company work .
c, and I signed long-term or short-term cooperation agreement, will be organized regularly or irregularly good housekeeper served Shenzhen my company, my company received by recruitment or recruitment standards , agreed to pay for services rendered.

Matters not interview or telephone communication :
Conveying Contact Hotline:
Chou Liao teacher 0755-66604969 0755-36520808
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