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Tutoring NO: 2023 [dot photo comments]
Shenzhen University, majoring in Japanese; 1. Career: I have the ability to highlight in the language, Japanese, English, Mandarin pronunciation is very standard ...
Tutoring NO: 2024 [dot photo comments]
Guangxi University, Physics; graduated from the Department of Physics, Guangxi University, has long been engaged middle and high school physical education and teaching, have a solid foundation of prof
Tutoring NO: 2025 [dot photo comments]
Shenzhen University, Software Engineering; I live wave is a cheerful, positive, happy intercourse, strong sense of responsibility and love of learning who love sports
Tutoring NO: 2012 [dot photo comments]
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, environmental engineering; I good at physics and chemistry subjects ...
Tutoring NO: 2013 [dot photo comments]
Shenzhen University, chemistry teacher professional; like sports, participated in football and badminton game, so outgoing, gregarious.
Tutoring NO: 2014 [dot photo comments]
Shenzhen University, Civil Engineering; I strong affinity, good communication, likes to get along with the children, teaching patience seriously, I am more good ...
Tutoring NO: 2016[dot photo comments]
Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, Electronics and Communication Engineering; I now deeply IAS reading Tsinghua graduate students, undergraduate student at Northern, academic excellence
Tutoring NO: 2017[dot photo comments]
Yibin University, English Education; himself a solid knowledge of English, many years in school teaching and tutoring experience, accumulated a unique teaching methods. ..
Tutoring NO: 2018 [dot photo comments]
Shenzhen University, School of Economics, Department of Accounting profession; I high school science students for success in college entrance examination, the results have been overweight the line ..
Tutoring NO: 2019 [dot photo comments]
Guangdong Ocean University, food quality and safety, English majors; I good at primary and secondary English teaching, affinity, and experienced tutor
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