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How can long retain a good nanny


Many people feel the headache is always family nanny in exchange for going , is to do not long. Can not let nanny do long-term , employer attitudes and family atmosphere is a service plays a key role .
Recommends that employers must respect the nanny 's personality and work, sincere treatment nanny , nanny strict requirements at work , in life care nanny, nanny thought to understand what , so that they generate a sense of belonging and identity . ( Housekeeping nanny services )

Secondly, the problems should be more communication and less blame. Many nannies first came metropolis, will inevitably produce psychological imbalance , the idea will be a lot more , so employers should be more communication with them for proper guidance , so hard to achieve happiness nanny effect .

How to prevent nanny walked out ? Domestic companies nanny transport management constraints sources of the most important checks and

Reporters interviewed found that people are most worried about is the nanny walked in the employer's home work , and sometimes even take advantage of the employer was not at home when the home goods swept away . Experts said that this problem , partly because domestic companies do not know the source of nanny , training, management is not in place , on the other hand with the nanny for individuals and employers .

Some nanny just the countryside into the cities, faced with too many temptations, want to hurry to make money , the result onto the crooked road. Some employers awareness of prevention is not enough, often showing off in front of nanny money , the temptation to create an imbalance psychological nanny . Some employers too demanding for nanny , nanny is leaving for a reason.

Many nanny is because the employer discriminated against abuse was desperate for revenge .

Employers signed a contract with the domestic company has not proposed family property security agreement, is also omissions . To clarify the terms of each contract when , for some special agreement to the contract to writing , to refrain from verbal commitment gullible , so that when rights are violated , we can according to activists . Some domestic intermediary of an ID card alone nanny party hasty implementation of the agreement with the employer , making a few lawbreakers With this "gap" was grandly Please enter the house .

Please nanny is not the gift of opportunity

Family nanny , how would you see ? You hired her and gave her money , " gift " , or the interaction between you as a matter of luck ?

Employers money is to buy the service , rather than buy a nanny all right, although in reality there really is not high quality nanny , nanny collusion outsiders have cheated intermediary fees. Nanny before the door is a random person , no wonder no one will be born guarded , but once you go through the formal domestic companies brought her home , you should start giving her trust and care. When you everywhere beware of the newcomers to strangers , how can you ask her to give you Taoxintaofei do this or that it ?

Employers have a responsibility to nanny a sense of belonging and identity, rather than letting them feel inferior, you ask her not a gift , but a chance . But only the price of the same employer offensive nanny , nanny 's labor have to abide by the principle of equivalent exchange , when you ask many benefits , they also have to look at what services to provide their own .

Many domestic experts have referred to this sentence : "Everyone who is not a savior ," and only carry out their duties , in its place , we depend on each other , which is more balanced world . ( Housekeeping nanny services )

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