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Cooperation domestic chain management era



       Cooperation domestic chain management era

Shenzhen complement Chain Management Co. 's domestic eighteen big victory celebration was held ! To thank the Government and state leaders for family services sector policy leadership ! To thank the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the people of Shenzhen in Shenzhen 's domestic chain management complement the trust and support ! Shenzhen complement Chain Management Limited 's household back to the community , so that "fill 's " brand to the country , to the world , and sincerely serve the domestic high-end home city of ten million and expatriates , as well as domestic service industries like those of many excellent job placement ; complement the company 's domestic chain management follow: " integrity of life, honest work, win-win business ! " principle , to build China domestic industry "fill 's " aircraft carrier ! Special and August 8, 2013 to October 8, 2013 in Shenzhen franchise fee preferential 4,000 yuan, foreign city franchise fee preferential 6,000 yuan, the spirit of mutual benefit and brand sharing principle, and are willing to have business integrity sighted people to work together to meet the Chinese domestic industry, the arrival of spring , the domestic industry market share huge piece of cake .

To ensure the "fill 's " brand reputation, complement the company 's intention to join the personal integrity and reputation / personal abilities / entrepreneurial intent to conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure that joining a successful one 's complement .

Support and Management

1 mature brand support ( unified authorization "fill 's " trademark ; unified image of the design ) .

(2) management training ( training for managers, business operations , marketing ; support successful , permanent guide ! ) .

3 customers to cultivate the market ( customer service, network essence , customer communication, ) .

4 operation and management guidance ( policy interpretation , horizontal operations, staff management , staff training ) .

5 store location and opening support ( market analysis and site selection, targeted ads hit ) .

6 powerful advertising and stable customer resources to support ( Baidu search , resource sharing ) .

7 website 's long-term support to help independent establishment of the station or the connection ( Headquarters website shows ) .

8 strict brand regional protection mechanisms ( 30 km Shenzhen , Mainland cities separate authorization ) .

9 strict operational management system ( integrity of life, honest work, win-win business ) .

Note: The 2013 Annual District , Shenzhen, the main city authorized two branches each joint operation ; national authority independently operated 36 branches long-term operational support ;

Enterprise Legal : Complement Xinhua
Registration No.: 440301104121350
Taxes deep word 440300790453871
Organization code certificate 79045387-1

Managing a straight line joining Zhou Shuren 0755 -36,520,808 Mobile: 13686879345
Company Website :

Headquarters Address : Futian District, next Meilinjinmei Garden 1 , Unit 2, 205 ( bus station : Meilin )

Join Rules

One , joined in Shenzhen

1 Enjoy complement 's six major domestic support program ;

2 Brand Management fee 360 yuan / quarter ( first quarter free ) , deposit of 2,000 yuan, 6,888 yuan franchise fee , a total of 9,968 yuan , one-time payment when signing the contract for three years.

3 . Shenzhen Branch joined by at least 30 km zone protection.

4 can assist the relevant operating licenses.

Second, the mainland city to join a

1 Enjoy complement 's six major domestic support program ;

2 brand management fee 7200 yuan / 2 years , franchise fee 8800 yuan , no deposit totaling 16,000 yuan one-time payment when signing the contract for three years.

3 City Corporation has undertaken a separate authorization for each district .

Three , joining the mainland two or three city

1 Enjoy complement 's six major domestic support program ;

2 brand management fee 5200 yuan / 2 years , franchise fee 6800 yuan , no deposit totaling 12,000 yuan one-time payment when signing the contract for three years.

3 City Corporation has undertaken a separate authorization.

Note : Instructions:

1 franchise fee : a one-time fee , the rebate does not return , and renewal in the life of the contract period, franchisees are not required to pay again ;

(2) Margin : Margin is the brand franchise contracts . During the contract period does not appear damaged brand honor or other breach , the contract expires refunded , without interest .

3 Brand Management Fee : According to the joining level at 1 year or 2 years in advance in advance , after the rebate does not receive back .

4 stores have to go to city departments for industry and commerce within the jurisdiction of the relevant license and tax registration or other formalities .

5 All franchisees need and the head office signed an agreement to Shenzhen headquarters for training.

6 essential package of cleaning agents and cleaning equipment utensils International Montessori teaching aids families need to be purchased .

Affiliate guidance and integrity protection

1 , Interest

Create a new career , the first three years is very hard , ideals , passion , interests and ideas is to support entrepreneurs insist in the end of power, ideas determine the future development of new business ; therefore chose to join the entrepreneur is a quick shortcut to reach the target , but the most important is the entrepreneur must really like this industry ;

2 , capacity

Every industry has barriers to entry , the ability to join the parent company's ability and is a very important factor , the entrepreneur if you do not have this condition rush to get involved , it eventually will lead to failure ; so be sure to join the parent company the ability to understand , whether to join the unit continued to guide subsequent operations , honest responsible ;

3 , consulting

Entrepreneurs in the choice to join the project , to fully grasp the relevant information, such as the project's market prospects, profit status , investment funds and market competition , cost recovery and so on. Entrepreneurs must first consult the parent company side visits reputation , government influence, choose to join the success rate of the parent ;

4 , the access

Part of the franchisee to attract entrepreneurs, in the introduction to his company will be very good. Entrepreneurs in an interview with the franchisee to understand , you must choose to tell each other inside , you can see the scale of the mother , qualifications, and government incentives , study should focus on franchise operation live , follow-up support ;

5, Comparative

Entrepreneurs should calmly analyzed and compared , the franchisee of the franchise model and follow-up support conditions , study the market and the franchisee 's speech integrity, a winner will always know, " sky will not fall ! ." So entrepreneurs choose projects must be more analysis and comparing ;

6 , training

Entrepreneurs and franchisees signing of the agreement , to conduct a series of pre-opening management training for entrepreneurs operating in the actual business operations and problems encountered , imparting solution ; addition , complement the company 's operating philosophy will teach entrepreneurs , a man responsible , a shortcut to success , and other related knowledge of the industry ;

7 , site

Entrepreneurs choose a good place , it is half the battle , not the business premises of the gold content of the level of rents , but see if you can provide convenient and efficient service to be able to reflect the value of the site . Running around, running around is the entrepreneur siting ' misunderstanding ' ; complement the company 's many years of experience will guide set to join partners ' Throughout , the effective ' site selection methods ;

8 , to prepare

Entrepreneurs preparatory work before the shop must be good in decor, and the purchase of equipment , store layout at the same time , we must promptly familiar with the local market, develop potential customers , many more exchanges with neighbors beside and harmony , will their future right undertaking to carry out a great help ;

9, support

Complement the company 's initial franchisee support : the partner address, telephone confirmed, our website simultaneously publicity , publicity publicity company portals sync , sync publicity search company Baidu , the company employs directional address synchronization publicity , strong in the head office advocacy help, let 's make up franchisees opened within the shortest possible time operating situation, the fast lane onto the smooth operation for the needs of more customers , harvest ' complement ' s ' value-added services .

10 , co-

Joining is to share a brand ; a good ' fill ' s ' brand to give entrepreneurs, is to give entrepreneurs a relay, a system, a successful experience and a way to resolve the crisis , is a hematopoietic function , rather than a simple blood transfusion ; cooperation is so we can all join together to maintain a brand's reputation, reputation , sharing a brand bring us honor and effectiveness.

Appendix: A brief history of the company

Shenzhen complement Chain Management Co. 's domestic origin ' complement 's domestic service center ' ; since we had nowhere to have a lot of foreign workers to find a job and are looking for work was often sinister agency scam , out of sympathy for foreign workers and against injustice , labor demand by senior experts complement Xinhua was founded in August 1998 , a civilian living in Shenzhen Futian district ; adhere to the " integrity of life, honest work, win-win business ! " principle , after three years of business integrity, in October 2001 ' complement ' s domestic ' move to Dongguan City, Guangdong facade store sales and expand a Direct stores ; ' complement 's domestic ' operating period by deep Wando public streets and complement the government 's aunt's good reputation , to 2010 complement 's branch has grown 6 ; affected by the world financial restrictions and housekeeping services , in order to expand the company 's business scale complement by injection in 2013 for dispatch services, matrimonial agencies , real estate and other projects described , and with the 2013 July 25 registration is successful ! Implementation of ' staff system ' management mode , the company headquarters was established chain management !

Complement 's company after 15 years of steady operation , the year 2011 by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Family Service Association numerous awards , Shenzhen TV coverage complement this year 's second company, and on November 21, 2011 by the National Family Services Employment Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly awarded : "National Family Services enterprises hundred one thousand ! " Honor ! ! !

Zhou Shuren bring complementary chain management company 's staff and continue to ' fill ' s ' customer service for the purpose,

Build China's domestic industry ' s complement number' aircraft carrier ! ! !



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