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The next five years, the self-employed will disappear! Your way out?


   During President Xi 's visit to Russia , delivered a speech : the next five years, the self-employed will disappear. Instead of the team and innovative business model ! This is the trend ! The future of mainstream business model are: 1. Commerce ; 2 . Direct marketing services .
After just concluded in Shanghai by the Ministry of Commerce , China Federation of Industry and Commerce held in 2013 electricity supplier meetings. Reads as follows: Ali Baba 2012 full-year sales exceeded one trillion , only 2012 11-11 day to 191 million. Trillion is the concept of what ? Equivalent to the annual Chinese seventeen provinces GDP.
Li Ning store off over 1800 , sales of electricity supplier has exceeded the store 's sales . The next three to five years, there are nearly eighty percent of the bookstore will be closed . Clothing stores, shoe stores , nearly thirty percent will be closed.
So the next five to ten years business model in the end is what ? That is a wide range of e-commerce business model: the line ( the store ) experience , online ( factory system website ) to buy, shipped from the factory to the customer personally . ( Smart entrepreneurs will be online sales systems and logistics and warehousing systems outsourcing to a third party company to solve their own efforts to make products ) and customers to introduce customers ( direct marketing ) , factory direct to the customer advertising expenses, always have ...... we imagine that this business model will maddening how many customers , the number of channel resources .
The next five to ten years to fight is the integration of resources , you can integrate the resources , the number of channels ? You 'll get much wealth in the future ? Shipbuilding river , as by boat across the river ! Trend is unstoppable ! Choice, be wise !
Today's entrepreneurs to win in the study, wins in the change ! 1991 Kodak technically leading multinational giants counterparts 10 years , filed for bankruptcy in January 2012 .
Former overlord Nokia phone precarious brink of collapse !
Since 2003, Li Ning will idle longer learning on July 10 this year, the sale of Hong Kong luxury , forced two degrees Chu mountain . I do not know old Li Ning can turn the tide and save precarious "Li Ning" ?
Li Yang Crazy English English level is not inferior to the head of the New Oriental Mr Yu , the achievements of the great difference !
Face of all this , you are indifferent to right or will awaken it ?
An old saying : the rich do not learn the rich is not long , the poor are not poor, not the school .
To change pocket , first change the head . This community has been eliminated with educated people , but will not force people to learn out there .
Read a lot better than reading ten thousand books , from thousands as reading countless people , reading countless people as teacher directions.
Tourism needs to guide , life also need mentors ! Countersunk pull carts , we must also know how to look up the road , good is a stumbling block towards excellence .
Today , wealth and happiness index is not just the amount of money .
No crisis is the biggest crisis !
The only constant in this world is change ! We must constantly change to modify their approach so that they can better and faster to reach the place we want to go . Change is eternal ! [ Only ] to change only the future
● people do not understand when you understand, when you understand the actions of others , others act when you are successful, the success of others when you are rich. That is: extraordinary thinking, foresight !

● water previously considered impossible to turn the clock back , it is yet to find a method invented pumps ; impossible now that the sun from the west , this is not to live in the sun from the west of the planet. The world only think , not impossible !

● To change things , first of all they change only their own change before change the world. One of the greatest enemy is not others but himself, he who conquers himself , in order to overcome the difficulties !

● Not wells without water , but dig deep enough ; was not successful to slow, but give up fast . Get a thing requires wisdom , courage to give up something you need !

● clear ideas important than hard hard work , the right attitude important than actual performance , choose the right direction than trying to do things important to do the right thing than to do the important things . Growing pains better than the pain of regret , the joy of victory failed to comfort than good !

● You have the foresight important than the ownership of assets , with capabilities important than having the knowledge , has the talent important than having the machine with a healthy important than having the money !

● concepts important than the ability to plan over the implementation of important actions than promises important to choose important than the effort , perceived important than inform , and create more than proved important , respect for life than what others think is important !

● Direction important than speed , intelligence important than the hardship , learning important than academic qualifications , opportunities important than the relationship , what is likened to what is important !

● intelligence more important than knowledge , qualities important than intelligence , consciousness important than quality . Direction than method , power is greater than capacity , doing more than work !

● always be at home to see family and go out to see is the world . Put money in front of you always see the money , put the money in a useful place to see the money in the world.

● It is not something expensive streets , but there is no money in your pocket ; is not no money in your pocket , but you do not find earning opportunities ; than you have no chance to make money , but your head is not the idea to get rich !

● No moving mountains of the art world , the only way is to be able to move mountains : mountain , however , I would in the past . The attitude is one of the most intelligent life : change can change everything, can not be changed to adapt to everything !
This initiative in the future will be directly destroy many traditional industries and sales model ! Times are changing , where are you ? So how do we deal with this speed , changing the crisis society? Only one way : to learn, to change , start again
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